Nylon Coating

We are the only finishing company in East Yorkshire that, working closely with our manufacturing partner, offer this specialist coating.

Nylon-R is a coating system for alloys, mild steel and galvanised steel. Although more expensive than powder coatings, Nylon-R has superior abrasion resistance and flexibility to any other industrial coating available on the market. It has excellent resistance to impact and weathering and inertness to chemicals and solvents. The resistance to solvents make it particularly useful from a graffiti-prevention perspective.

It’s extremely high abrasion and impact resistance make it particularly suitable for items subject to repeated contact or abuse in service such as architectural furniture, balustrades, handrails, shop fittings and public seating environments.

Another advantage it has, particularly when applied to surfaces that are subject to direct contact such as handrails, is that it is warmer and smoother to the touch. This is a very useful quality in colder weather.

Most RAL and BS colours are available ex stock, but any colour can be matched within a day or two. There are also a wide-range of specialised finishes available including metallics, hammers, sparkles and fluorescents.

We’ll be happy to assist you with any sales enquiries or technical support in relation to this excellent product.

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