Plastic Coating

A plastic coating gives metals a thick, wear resistant finish that excludes water and air from the surface of the metal, and so boosts corrosion resistance.

PPA 571 is an electrostatically applied thermoplastic coating with over 25 years of proven performance in the field.

Like nylon coatings, PPA 571 is more expensive than powder coatings, but it also offers superior abrasion, chipping and graffiti resistance.

PPA 571 has excellent resistance to salt, sea, sand and UV. It will offer long-term protection in harsh environments without damaging the environment, as it contains no VOC’s, plasticisers, halogens or heavy metals. Testing has proven it has half the salt spray corrosion rate of standard coatings.

PPA 571 is used extensively in fencing applications, especially in harsh environments. It also provides an excellent solution for the coating of exterior and interior products used in the automotive industry, due to its high salt and grit resistance. It’s also been extensively used over the years in many construction applications on both aluminium and steel, due to its excellent corrosion resistance, while street furniture, playground equipment and lampposts can benefit superbly from the protection it affords against soiling and graffiti.

There are a number of RAL on BS colour codes available ex stock, while a comprehensive colour matching service is also available.

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